As a Linguist

In my other life, when not taking pictures, I teach writing and English literature at a community college in the American Northeast. I have a passion for language in all its forms and uses, and it’s through this lens, if you will, that I generally see the world. Come see me at if you fancy.


2 comments on “As a Linguist

  1. Hi Lenore! When did you start THIS project. Margaret Lawrensen just sent me your way, and I thought: “Ah yes, Lenore. I remember Lenore when she didn’t want her name out there on the Interwebs!” And now you are on Twitter and you have second blog.

    I just retired after 22 years of teaching.

    I think I retired.

    I mean, I probably did.


    It’s so hard to leave the classroom, but I need to find a new thang. Hope you are well!

    • limr says:

      Hey Renee! Nice to see you over here.

      I started it earlier this year (I think) when I realized that I wanted to develop essays about topics other than language. I decided to give it a try and play a little to see how it went. I’d like to build it up more in the next year.

      Wow, retiring from teaching! Is it bittersweet? That’s how I imagine it will be. I don’t want to leave the classroom but I’d love to leave behind the endless grading and crappy pay. I’m in the process of training as a paralegal so I can at least have a full-time job that will pay a decent wage. I’m hoping it will also allow me to take one class a semester, an evening class, so I can wean myself off of teaching instead of quitting cold turkey.

      What are you thinking of for your new thang?

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