Day 103: A very festive Caturday.

We all know that Caturdays are fun. But today is even better. Today is the day that we celebrate some birthdays.

Zelda’s ready for the fiesta.

Day 103 - Zelda

Mrs.Parker is a bit less so.

Day 103 - Mrs Parker

Mrs.Parker and Zelda were found in a garage when they were approximately 2 weeks old. From what I understand, there was no sign of their mother or any other possible siblings. The exact date of their birth is unknown, though it fairly certain that it was sometime in April. There are several dates listed on their records filed at various vets in the area and at the shelter where I adopted them. For the sake of simplicity, I’ve decided they will have their birthday celebration on the Caturday closest to the middle of the month.

So today, we celebrate their 3rd birthday. Just yesterday it seems, you two were just little tufts of fur sleeping under the futon:


Happy Birthday, girls!

Day 82: In memory of Caturdays past.

Gomer Pyle was my cat for about six years before he shook off his earthly coils three years ago this month.


As you can see below, my little guy was missing his front left leg, compliments of a nasty tumor in his shoulder that required its amputation. It didn’t slow him down one little bit.


He was always ready for Caturday.

Rock on, Gomer Pyle. Wherever you are.

Day 75: And on the Caturday, they rested.

Seeing as though this is the start of my Spring Break – finally – I am going to celebrate Caturday by featuring cats – specifically Buzz’s cats – in repose.

McKenzie is known by many other names: Kinzie, Kinzie-coot, Cootemeyer, and Kinzalita. She’s the older, dominant cat even though she is also the smaller of the two. She’s not fond of being picked up, but I do it anyway because she is eminently foldable and soft. She just squints at me, licks her chops, and starts waving her paw in the air to let me know in no uncertain terms to unhand her.

Day 74 - McKenzie

Kincaid’s awkward shape has given rise to her most common nickname: Piglet. It’s so common, in fact, that I almost forget what her “real” name is. She likes being picked up even less than Kinzie does. She’s shredded more than her fair share of sweaters to make us well aware of her dislike. To say she is vocal – whether pleased or otherwise – would be the understatement of the year.It’s not quite evident in this picture, but Pigalita’s got some of the largest eyes I’ve ever seen in a cat.


As for me and my first day of vacation, I shall be taking a lesson from our feline friends and practicing the art of being in repose. I’ll just have less fur and some coffee.