Just a cog.

I’m dealing with rush hour traffic four mornings a week this semester. I can’t help but wonder how people do this for years of their lives. Is this what I’m signing up for if I do change careers? Have I avoided the rat race for so long, just to finally succumb to fighting vehicular congestion and idiocy for hours each week?

Aren’t we all cogs of some variety, just parts of different machines?

Or should I just go to bed earlier?


Semester Eve.

I’m almost ready.

My outfit is planned, the alarm is set, and my books are in order, though I can’t put them in my book bag just yet since Mrs.Parker has settled herself in on top of it.

No matter how many times I’ve done this, the night before the first day of school is always filled with excitement, dread, anxiety, and hopefulness. This semester will be a bit more challenging than usual; in addition to my teaching duties, I am still studying and will be taking two classes. I’ve also accepted an internship where I will be twice a week. When I think of what is on my plate, part of me wishes I could go to bed and wake up in May.

The rest of me, however, is ready for the challenge. I work well under the pressure of a loaded plate. There will surely be times when I will want to quit or slack off. More than once I’ll cry out, “When will this semester be over?” of “What have I done?” But I hope at the end of it, I’ve done what I needed to do and that I’ve done it well.

There’s nothing left to do now but go to bed and rest up for the start of the journey.