Vote early and vote often!

I’m going to be shameless for a moment and ask for your help with Buzz winning himself a camera.

Here’s the website: Leica iiic Competition – Vote on the final 10

Buzz’s entry is #6.Andrej. Isn’t it a fantastic picture?

If he wins, he becomes the proud owner of a Leica iiic, a legendary camera and one that he’s lusted after for a long time. And I think he deserves to win, not only because he’s my main squeeze, but also because I truly think his picture is wonderful. He’s talented and skilled, and the camera would be in very good hands.

So please vote for him. He had the lead yesterday but today he’s trailing by only 11 votes. (Voting ends at midnight, UK time.)


It’s the Spring Equinox. Rip Van Winkle is waking up.

Rip Van Winkle

Sprocket hole Sunday.

A few months ago, I was generously given a set of adapters to use 35mm film in a medium-format camera. I put the adapters in the Lubitel 166B and brought it to Arizona over winter break.

It could be gimmicky, of course, but so can any technique if overused. I feel the subject matter here lent itself nicely to the sprocket holes, and I was pleased that it was fairly easy to compose with the 6×6 format.

Hope you enjoy!

(Click on a photo to see it larger and on a black background.)

Just a cog.

I’m dealing with rush hour traffic four mornings a week this semester. I can’t help but wonder how people do this for years of their lives. Is this what I’m signing up for if I do change careers? Have I avoided the rat race for so long, just to finally succumb to fighting vehicular congestion and idiocy for hours each week?

Aren’t we all cogs of some variety, just parts of different machines?

Or should I just go to bed earlier?