Day 365: The end of an era.

It’s hard to believe this is my last post of 2013’s Project 365. I was planning a post with the ‘Best of…’ slide show, but I then I decided against it. I’d rather just post a final picture with little fanfare and give myself a few days to reflect on the Project, choose my favorites of the year for the slide show, and finish any withdrawal symptoms I may suffer.

For now, I leave you with one last new image. Or in this case, a different version of an image I’ve already posted. Here’s the set up:

Do we remember that I had two cameras with me at the Vanderbilt Mansion?

Day 361 - C330 and Konstruktor

In the background above, you can see part of the scene I shot with the C330:

Day 363 - House on river

I also took a shot with the Konstruktor:

Day 365 - Tree on river colorSo now we have three views of those trees and the house on the river: first in digital taken with a cell phone, second in medium format taken with a massive 50-year-old TLR, and finally in 35mm taken with a novelty do-it-yourself plastic toy camera.

At the start of this project, I never would have thought I’d be making such a comparison, but there it is. Modern, then Dinosaur, then somewhere in between. How apropos!

These are some of the ideas I have to chew on over the next few days. How has this project changed my photography? Where has it led me? What have I learned, not only technically but philosophically?

While I’m chewing and digesting, I will also be wishing all of you a most wonderful start to the new year. I appreciate the company on this journey of mine, and hope you stick around to see where we go in 2014.

Happy New Year!

Day 363: 6×6 goodness.

The Mamiya has been tested and it is good.

Day 363 - House on riverThis was taken from the bank of the Hudson River on the grounds of the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, NY.

Day 363 - ColumnsThe columns, the wide vistas…the Mamiya was just eating them all up!

Day 363 - Tree on riverI think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Day 340: Erratically consistent.

Over the course of this year’s project, I’ve missed a handful of midnight deadlines, but otherwise, I’ve managed to post at least one picture every single day. Even on the days I missed, I posted shortly after midnight of the due date, or published two posts the following day.

In this way, I’ve been quite consistent.

As for the time of day I’ve posted? All over the map. There would be stretches of time during which I’d faithfully schedule my picture to appear at noon exactly. And then I would rebel and start posting willy-nilly, sometimes – like today – coming in just under the midnight wire.

Part of me thinks I should have been more diligent in my planning. The rest of me says, “Meh. Good enough.”

And so before it gets any later, here’s a picture of the Hudson River at dusk, taken with a Polaroid on the soon-to-be-gone Fujifilm 3000B. Oh how I will miss this film!

Day 340 - Hudson River

Edited: For the record, I did finish this post and hit the “Publish” button before midnight. It was 11:47 p.m. to be exact. I clicked the button and then put my faith into the Internet gods to follow through on my action. I switched to another window and got involved with some other Very Important Task. A few minutes later, I thought, “Let me go back to that window see how my published post looks like.” Instead, however, I got to see how my unpublished post looked like at 12:01 a.m. So I am not going to take the blame for this missed deadline! Something else interfered this time. I’m looking at you, Internet!