The fog comes…

…on little cat feet.



It sits looking

Birds 1


over harbor and city



on silent haunches

Rowboat 1


and then moves on.

Statue 1


–Carl Sandburg


Day 13: Spooky

It was really foggy today. The natural thing to do was to head down to the river.

Day 13 - Flying gull at river

Day 13 - Gulls at river

Day 13 - Train at river

Day 13 - Reeds and tree at river

Day 13 - Spooky Beach

The unnatural thing to then do was to get a Yes song stuck in my head.

If you were not a child of the 70s as I was, or if you listened to disco, don’t torture yourselves. Just skip to 4:36 to get the reference.

If you already know the song, go ahead. Poor yourself a stiff drink and take a 19-minute trip down memory lane. You’re welcome.