Sprocket hole Sunday.

A few months ago, I was generously given a set of adapters to use 35mm film in a medium-format camera. I put the adapters in the Lubitel 166B and brought it to Arizona over winter break.

It could be gimmicky, of course, but so can any technique if overused. I feel the subject matter here lent itself nicely to the sprocket holes, and I was pleased that it was fairly easy to compose with the 6×6 format.

Hope you enjoy!

(Click on a photo to see it larger and on a black background.)

Project 365: Best of…Caturday.

I couldn’t ignore the first Caturday of 2014!

So here is the first part of my Project 365 Retrospective: The Best of Caturday.

Part of me felt a little like I was ‘cheating’ by posting cat pictures each Saturday, and maybe I was at first, but then I tried to take it as a challenge to get more creative with my snaps of my furry little girls. And of course, some weeks I featured cats other than Zelda and Mrs.Parker. Ultimately it doesn’t matter; even if it was cheating, it was still fun and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Here are my favorites from 2013:


Day 365: The end of an era.

It’s hard to believe this is my last post of 2013’s Project 365. I was planning a post with the ‘Best of…’ slide show, but I then I decided against it. I’d rather just post a final picture with little fanfare and give myself a few days to reflect on the Project, choose my favorites of the year for the slide show, and finish any withdrawal symptoms I may suffer.

For now, I leave you with one last new image. Or in this case, a different version of an image I’ve already posted. Here’s the set up:

Do we remember that I had two cameras with me at the Vanderbilt Mansion?

Day 361 - C330 and Konstruktor

In the background above, you can see part of the scene I shot with the C330:

Day 363 - House on river

I also took a shot with the Konstruktor:

Day 365 - Tree on river colorSo now we have three views of those trees and the house on the river: first in digital taken with a cell phone, second in medium format taken with a massive 50-year-old TLR, and finally in 35mm taken with a novelty do-it-yourself plastic toy camera.

At the start of this project, I never would have thought I’d be making such a comparison, but there it is. Modern, then Dinosaur, then somewhere in between. How apropos!

These are some of the ideas I have to chew on over the next few days. How has this project changed my photography? Where has it led me? What have I learned, not only technically but philosophically?

While I’m chewing and digesting, I will also be wishing all of you a most wonderful start to the new year. I appreciate the company on this journey of mine, and hope you stick around to see where we go in 2014.

Happy New Year!

Day 361: An unlikely duo.

Today Buzz and I drove upstate to walk around the grounds of the Vanderbilt mansion in Hyde Park. Of course I was going to bring my new Mamiya C330, but I was also trying to finish rolls of film that I had loaded in other cameras, so I brought along a friend for the Mamiya.

Day 361 - C330 and Konstruktor

Aren’t they cute together?

The Mamiya and the Konstruktor are both black and have waist-level viewfinders, but beyond that point, the similarities come to a screeching halt: A few ounces of plastic vs a few pounds of metal and glass; a toy that could barely harm a fly vs a camera that could effectively be used as a weapon against assailants; novelty imperfection vs a legendary quality.

It will be interesting to compare the results from both.