Project 365: Best of…Caturday.

I couldn’t ignore the first Caturday of 2014!

So here is the first part of my Project 365 Retrospective: The Best of Caturday.

Part of me felt a little like I was ‘cheating’ by posting cat pictures each Saturday, and maybe I was at first, but then I tried to take it as a challenge to get more creative with my snaps of my furry little girls. And of course, some weeks I featured cats other than Zelda and Mrs.Parker. Ultimately it doesn’t matter; even if it was cheating, it was still fun and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Here are my favorites from 2013:



Day 355: Merry Caturday!

Today is actually the Winter Solstice, so it seemed like an appropriate day to finally put up a holiday tree. Mrs.Parker approves.

Day 355 - Mrs Parker and tree

It’s just a small tree in anticipation of the larger one, which was bought today but will be decorated tomorrow. Nevertheless, Zelda also approves.

Day 355 - Zelda and tree

The girls do not care to understand what a Winter Solstice is, nor that Christmas is just a few days away.

They just know that there is only one more Caturday left in 2013! Good thing there are plenty more in 2014.

Day 341: Determined Caturday.

“Look lady. I know that box of treats behind me is empty. I’ve sniffed every inch of that thing and there’s nothing, I tell ya. Nothing! You’d better do something about this. And I mean NOW!”

Day 341 - Determined Mrs Parker

“Yeah, don’t expect to get a good picture of me until you give me and my sister our Caturday treat. Don’t think I’m kidding, either.”

Day 341 - Determined Zelda