My double life.

Maybe it’s because I was born a Pisces. Maybe because I’m just contrary by nature. I don’t know. Whatever the reason, however, I find that my life is constantly being pulled in two different directions. How do you think I came up with my blog name, after all?

These days, the conflict manifests itself in my roles as both student and teacher, and in the decision to either keep teaching and trying to squeeze more money blood out of the stone of academia, or to finish my training as a paralegal and enter the legal profession.

It seems fitting, then, that I’ve recently tried my first intentional double exposure photograph. I’ve had a few happy accidents with this in the past, but I hadn’t yet tried to plan one. It came out well enough to encourage me to do more.

Double Chrysler resized

As for my double life and whether or not the results will also be encouraging, I guess I’ll just have to keep shooting and hope for the best!