Day 361: An unlikely duo.

Today Buzz and I drove upstate to walk around the grounds of the Vanderbilt mansion in Hyde Park. Of course I was going to bring my new Mamiya C330, but I was also trying to finish rolls of film that I had loaded in other cameras, so I brought along a friend for the Mamiya.

Day 361 - C330 and Konstruktor

Aren’t they cute together?

The Mamiya and the Konstruktor are both black and have waist-level viewfinders, but beyond that point, the similarities come to a screeching halt: A few ounces of plastic vs a few pounds of metal and glass; a toy that could barely harm a fly vs a camera that could effectively be used as a weapon against assailants; novelty imperfection vs a legendary quality.

It will be interesting to compare the results from both.

Day 360: Loot.

So Santa was very good to me this year.

Day 360 - Mamiya C330

I’ve been drooling over these bad boys for a while now. Changeable lenses, bellows, and waist-level finder all wrapped up in a beautiful and beastly package that could easily serve as a weapon were anyone to attack me while I was out shooting? Oh yes. Want. And now, have!

There’s only five days left of my Project 365 and you can be sure that one of those pictures will be something out of the C330. Stay tuned!