Oh paper, I just can’t quit ya.

When I was a little girl and wandered away from my mother in the supermarket, she usually didn’t panic about it. After the first few times, she knew where to find me, so she often let me go my own way for at least a few minutes before she came to collect me.

I was always in the stationery aisle.

I wasn’t there because I needed anything specific for school. Most of the time, I didn’t even ask to buy anything. I just liked looking at the notebooks, picking them up to run my hand over the blank pages, turning to the middle and taking a nice deep whiff of the paper right near the binding. I sifted through the folders and checked for any loose pens that I could possibly test. I didn’t realize it at the time, but what I loved about the stationery aisle was all of the potential in that blank paper and unopened glue bottles and unsharpened pencils. Continue reading

What to get?

Untitled-Scanned-09 saturated

The amazing thing about a diner is the simplicity of it: the chrome, the neon, the counter, the booths, the individual juke boxes that no one uses anymore. The elements are always there, regardless of what else gets added or subtracted. The menus are also simple, even the ones that go on for pages and try to introduce new foods for modern trends. Most of those pages get skipped on the way to breakfast or burgers. When you go to a diner, you just know what you want: comfort food. No matter if you twist around, flip upside down, spin on your heels until you’re dizzy, a diner is constant.