Day 341: Determined Caturday.

“Look lady. I know that box of treats behind me is empty. I’ve sniffed every inch of that thing and there’s nothing, I tell ya. Nothing! You’d better do something about this. And I mean NOW!”

Day 341 - Determined Mrs Parker

“Yeah, don’t expect to get a good picture of me until you give me and my sister our Caturday treat. Don’t think I’m kidding, either.”

Day 341 - Determined Zelda

3 comments on “Day 341: Determined Caturday.

  1. MaraEastern says:

    They are cuties! I love your Caturdays 🙂 But allow me a question: are Mrs Parker and Zelda actual sisters or is it just an expression of affection?

    • limr says:

      They are actually sisters. I adopted them together from an animal shelter. They’d been found together in a garage when they were about 2 weeks old – no siblings or mother to be found. I was looking specifically for two siblings and the shelter wanted them adopted together because they were so attached to each other, so they both came home with me when they were about 10 weeks old. I can’t imagine one without the other 🙂

      • MaraEastern says:

        That’s a lovely backstory! My two cats are actually sisters too, but several years apart, and they don’t get along that well, which is a shame.

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