2 comments on “Day 324: Autumn reflections 2.

  1. Herdisua says:

    Would be interesting to know which camera you use on each photo.

    • limr says:

      Hi Herdisua!

      I always tag the post with the camera I use and, if applicable, the film stock. I have some tags for my favorite (so far) lenses as well. Just look at the bottom of the posts (just under the “Likes”) and you’ll see all the tags for the post and the category as well. The camera I use will always be listed here.

      Also, if you look on the right side next to posts, you’ll see my list of Categories, which includes all the cameras I’ve used for my posts. If you click on one, you’ll be able to see all the posts which contain a photo taken with that camera.

      Today’s picture was taken with my Honewell Pentax Spotmatic 500SP (circa 1975 or so) and I used Kodak Gold 200 negative film.

      Welcome and thanks for your question!

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