Day 313: Caturday modeling session.

“Hey, look at me! Mrs. Parker! Yoo hooo!”

Day 313 - Mrs Parker

“No, there’s nothing up there. Just look at me, please.”

Day 313 - Mrs Parker 1

“Hey! Hey! Get down! I said there’s nothing up there! Stop scratching!”

Day 313 - Mrs Parker 2

“Okay, that’s better, now just stay still. Please! Would you just STAY STILL??”

Day 313 - Mrs Parker 3

“Oh for cryin’ out loud, there is NO BUG on the wall! Stop sniffing and look at the camera!”

Day 313 - Mrs Parker 4

“There! That’s it! Hold that pose!”

Day 313 - Mrs Parker 5

“Mrs.Parker, I will be blunt. You will never make it as a print model. You finally deliver good eye contact, but even then, you can’t keep your entire ear in the frame and you’re very difficult to work with. I’m afraid we will not be calling you back. Let’s just hope you’re better on the catwalk.”


2 comments on “Day 313: Caturday modeling session.

  1. MaraEastern says:

    Thank you for the fun! Finally someone is showing how difficult models cats are!

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