Day 305: Bryant Park.

It’s a peculiar place. There’s a lot going on.

Day 305 - Table Tennis

It draws a lot of shutter bugs…

Day 305 - Taking pictures

…who then engage in some chimping.

Day 305 - ChimpingThere are also some people-watchers, though they seem to get less attention from the shutter bugs…

Day 305 - Woman taking pictureWell, all of them except me.

Day 305 - Standing around



2 comments on “Day 305: Bryant Park.

  1. phrenzel says:

    Bryant Park, one of my haunts. The light on 42nd and 5th is amazing in that area.

    • limr says:

      It’s really great, isn’t it? I could have shot there for hours. It was the end of the day, though, and we were tired and losing the light. I’m glad that I got ones that were exposed well enough to be usable. The Zorki’s a rangefinder, so I was able to go down to 1/30 for the shutter and still shoot hand-held.

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