Day 295: Tuesday scrambling.

I’m not proud of it, but I’m phoning it in today. Tuesdays and Wednesday are proving tricky this semester because they’re such long days at work. If I can’t manage to prepare a post the night before, then I have to sort things out after getting home at night.

I’ve got a few rolls of film that are done but not developed yet, and which can’t be scanned until Friday. That means that we’re doing digital this week! Today’s snapshot is a brief glimpse into an English teacher’s 5th, possibly Outermost Circle of Hell: the stack of essays to grade. Here’s one of 4 batches I’ll be grading this week:

Day 295 - EssaysI made the horrible mistake of adding up the pages of all the assignments I have graded/will grade this semester. The answer is that I’ll have easily read 1,000 pages by the time I can finally collapse in front of mind-numbingly bad television for three solid days, just to give the brain cells a chance to recover.

If only I had been better at and more interested in math. I’m far too envious of their Scantron tests.


2 comments on “Day 295: Tuesday scrambling.

  1. MaraEastern says:

    As a fellow sufferer, I commiserate. I have fifty students this term and I teach academic writing…

    • limr says:

      Ouch! The thing that’s saving me this semester is that I only have about 34 (I say ‘about’ because I think two of them have already disappeared for the semester, and I think a third is on her way out.)

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