6 comments on “Day 292: What girl doesn’t appreciate soft focus?

  1. MaraEastern says:

    This girl does appreciate it indeed. How did you achieve the slightly blurred and darker edges but a sharp focus in the centre of the photo? Is it photoshopping or the way you took the photo? I’m just curious…

    • limr says:

      Part of it is the way I took the photo, but I did tweak it a little bit. The sharp focus in the center and blurred areas around the center can be achieved by using a wide aperture. I had the lens pretty wide open because there was only the lamp as a light source, and I didn’t want the shutter speed to go too low (cats are way too fast! 😉 ) In the post-processing (I actually use Corel instead of Photoshop) I just added a bit of vignetting and softened the edges a bit further to take attention away from the lamp shade and keep it more on her little face. I’ll post a side-by-side on Sunday so you can see the before and after.

      • MaraEastern says:

        Thank you so much for the detailed explanation and the side-by-side photos in the other post! It’s so interesting! It’s rare to see a photographer who doesn’t rely on post-editing too much and instead thinks of how to take the best shot in the first place.

      • limr says:

        Yeah, there’s a few of us out there who like to get it right – or as right as possible – in the camera, but I’m starting to realize what an anomaly I’m becoming. But it does fit with the ‘dinosaur’ part of my blog name 😉

      • MaraEastern says:

        Yet, the dinosaur is “modern”, as the other part of you blog name says 😉 !

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