Day 291: Test shot.

Recently, there has been a lot of landscaping and construction done on campus, including the revival of an old man-made pond. Ignoring the question of how these projects are funded while academic budgets are being cut left and right, I decided that the pond needed to be photographed. Part of the revival was the addition of some fountains and waterfall features which are lit up at night with both white and colored lights, so I really wanted a night shot.

Yesterday, I brought my Canon digital for some rudimentary test shots. I didn’t bring a tripod and I don’t have a remote shutter release, so these were really to test for exposure times more than anything else. Here’s the test shot that convinced me that it will be worth the attempt with a different camera and a tripod:

Day 291 - FountainThe composition isn’t where I want it to be, but there’s potential here. I wonder if this is going to turn into yet another white whale…



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