Day 286: First batter up…

The first camera that I’ve used from my Box o’ Cameras I bought a few weeks ago was the Argus Argoflex Seventy-five. Buzz helped me learn how to take a camera apart and clean up the shutter mechanism. Then we took the lens and reversed it. He’s had some good results doing this to a Brownie Hawkeye: it creates a funky zooming sort of  effect. I wanted to try doing the same with my Argoflex.

The first roll wasn’t quite as successful. I’m not sure if the lens just isn’t as suited, or if I haven’t figured out how to get it right. The main issue is figuring out what the camera will focus on (since there are no controls at all – this is a pure point-and-shoot type of camera.)

Here’s probably the best of that first roll (the subject may look familiar!) Not quite what I expected, but kinda funky anyway – enough to make me think there might be some potential in this camera.

Day 286 - Barn


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