Day 283: Off-kilter.

I like seeing people’s favorite shots, but I also find it pretty interesting and informative to see their mistakes as well. Here are two of my attempts at shooting from the hip (trying to take street shots without being noticed.)

Day 283 - Off kilter crosswalkClearly, I’m not so good at it.

Day 283 - Off kilter wall

But at least my angles are consistent!

These failed attempts are often more instructive to me than my successes because they can tell me exactly what I need to work on to improve.


3 comments on “Day 283: Off-kilter.

  1. margaret21 says:

    I can’t do street shots either…. 😦

    • limr says:

      I’ve had some success when actually looking through the viewfinder, but there are people who can get shots even with their cameras held down in their hands while walking (thus the literal, ‘shooting from the hip’ leading to the more metaphorical use which doesn’t require the actual hip to be involved – just refers to being stealthy and not using the viewfinder.) I apparently am not one of those people. I suppose I can practice more, but I think I’d rather be caught with the camera up to my face than be caught trying to be stealthy. *shrug* Maybe I’m not sure what I think yet 😉

      • margaret21 says:

        😉 indeed…. When I ‘shoot from the hip’ all I get is the bloke in front’s saggy trousers and if I’m really lucky, a manky pigeon.

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