Day 273: Making pictures.

So why was photography on my mind all weekend long, causing me to miss my post yesterday?

Well, you see, Saturday was the day I developed my first roll of film by myself. Okay, technically I was with Buzz who was also developing his own first roll of film, but these are just semantics. (And of course, as a linguist, I can dismiss these semantic arguments with a wave of my virtual hand…)

I shot a roll of black and white film (Kentmere 100) and developed it in Caffenol (a homemade developer based on instant coffee). I was unbelievably excited when I pulled that film off the developing reel and saw actual images on it.

Now I finally am making pictures instead of just taking them.

And so here I am, in the process of making a picture:

Day 273 - Tree and shadows


2 comments on “Day 273: Making pictures.

  1. MaraEastern says:

    A beautiful photo! It has such a pleasant feel about it. Congratulations on your developing success!

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