Day 257: Caturday afternoon napping.

I felt a little groggy this afternoon, so I got myself to the couch, pulled a blanket over myself, and settled in for a quick 20-minute nap to take the edge off.

The girls thought this was a marvelous idea.

Day 257 - Napping girlsI am apparently a very good napping spot.


4 comments on “Day 257: Caturday afternoon napping.

  1. MaraEastern says:

    Gorgeous! Consider yourself lucky to have two cats who get along well with each other, my two cats are not so idyllic – the older cat has been refusing to accept the younger one for more than a year now. An incorrigible creature!

    • limr says:

      Cats are nothing if not incorrigible 🙂 My girls are actually litter mates, so – as is true of most sisters – they may be fighting one minute, and the next they are grooming each other and settling in for a snuggle.

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