Day 251: An interesting comparison.

A couple of weeks ago, I was on campus and had both a film and digital camera with me. I saw an interesting shot and decided to try it, despite the flat, overcast sky. I used the digital camera to meter the scene and then took the actual picture with both digital and film.

They are very different shots. Though I’ve made no apologies for my preference for film, I’m not presenting this comparison to judge the relative merits of each one or to ‘prove’ the superiority of one medium over the other. I simply find it fascinating how different two images can be, even though they were taken of the same scene with the same settings – and the same photographer – but with two different cameras representing two very different ways of capturing an image.

And here, to speak for themselves, are the film version…

Day 251 - Mannequins 2 film

…and the digital.

Day 251 - Mannequins digitalThoughts?


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