Day 236: Lazy Caturday.

Zelda is not doing her chores today.

Day 236 - Zelda sleeps

Mrs. Parker would like you to know that she has no use for chores whatsoever, and could I please just take the picture so she can return to her nap, please?

Day 235 - Mrs Parker

4 comments on “Day 236: Lazy Caturday.

  1. MaraEastern says:

    “Caturday”! What a lovely coinage. I was wondering, is your Zelda named for Fitzgerald’s wife?

    • limr says:

      I wish I could take credit for “Caturday”, but alas, it has been part of the Internet “LOLcat” lexicon for a while before I discovered it.

      You are right – Zelda is named for Fitzgerald’s wife. And Mrs.Parker is named for Dorothy 🙂 Both women have fascinated me for many, many years.

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