Day 230: The newest addition.

Goose-o-rama was a teaser to introduce you to my latest toy. And I do say toy for a reason.

The Lomography Konstruktor is a plastic do-it-yourself kit whose finished product will look like a camera, take pictures like a camera, but leave you no doubt that you have bought yourself a toy and not a serious piece of equipment.

And I bought one. It took me more than the suggested 1-2 hours to put it together, partially because my kit was missing an important part, and partly because that same part was a major pain in the ass to install, it being a spring approximately the size of a proton that had to be pulled out from underneath a different piece and attached to a peg. Much cursing was involved.

But eventually I prevailed and here’s what it looks like:

Day 230 - Konstruktor

I know it’s a crappy picture, but I was more concerned with taking pictures with the camera, rather than of the camera. And so now, on to that…

It’s got very limited settings that suggested it would be best with lots of natural light, so I checked my film supply to see what low speed rolls I had in my possession. I was far too impatient, you see, to go out and find other film or order it online and wait for delivery. I wanted to test that damn plastic toy and I wanted to test it NOW!

I had a few rolls of Portra 160 left from my vacation, but that was too good to be wasted on a test roll put through a piece of plastic. The only other option I had was my last roll of Lomography Redscale 100.

I’d shot this film before, whose results can be seen here, and it can be fun but gimmicky, and it seemed that this was the perfect time to finally get rid of that last roll.

Here’s the best of that lot:

Overall, it’s a fun little toy and I plan on putting a few more test rolls of different kinds of film through it.

Konstruktor will be back!


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