Day 217: It’s Monday…

…don’t break your head off.

Day 217 - Falling off a mountain


7 comments on “Day 217: It’s Monday…

  1. Rachel E says:

    Thank you for the good laugh … such a funny sign and your comment was delightful!

  2. margaret21 says:

    I can see this is Slovenia from your tags. It looks so like much of the scenery round here too. Here in France there are no warnings however. And no laughs to be had,therefore.

    • limr says:

      It’s Slovenia, up in the northwest corner of the country in the foothills (I believe) of the Julian Alps.

      I’m sure you’ve got some funny signs for other things, right? I’ve seen quite a few amusing ones – I think my favorite one in France was one that we saw as we were driving away from Roscoff, up in Brittany, after getting off a ferry from Plymouth. They are apparently quite used to people from Britain coming over with their cars, because there were many signs of an owl with his wings pointing to the right, above the words “Stay right!” I don’t understand the owl, but it was cute 🙂

      • margaret21 says:

        I don’t understand the owl either, unless it was ‘be wise like the owl, and keep right!’. I also like the sign on roads in bad nick, where it warns ‘trous en formation.’ Double meaning here. ,’Holes starting to happen’ is one, but ‘formation’ is also a word for ‘training courses’. ‘Holes in training’, then 🙂

      • limr says:

        Love it! I also pictures a bunch of holes getting into line and standing at attention (as in a military ‘formation’)

        There was a sign in our local grocery store years ago that warned us, “Safe is alarmed.” My sister and I always wondered what scared that safe so much that they had to put a sign up 🙂

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