Day 215: Cats on film.

Day 215 - Kitty and wheelbarrow

This week’s pictures come from my Pentax K1000, using TriX 400 or Portra 160.

Day 215 - Sipan kitty on garbage canSometimes I couldn’t get the little brats to look at me.

Day 215 - Uncooperative kittyOther times, it was easier.

Day 215 - Dubrovnik kittyThis little guy almost got smuggled home with me. He purred so hard that he squeaked, and he would lift his front paws off the ground as he lunged to get his head scratches as soon as possible. When we tried to walk away, he followed us, meowing, promising to be our best friend if only we’d scratch his head again.

Day 215 - Sipan kittyThen suddenly, he ditched us without a thought when he saw a little girl offering him a bowl of fish scraps.

Little heartbreakers.



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