Day 210: Light.

The quality of light can make or break a photo. This is one of the reasons I prefer natural light. I know that flash lighting can be used very effectively, but I generally find it to be harsh. It also feels a little bit like lying to me, but this is an idea for later, after I’ve done a bit more fleshing out of my photographic philosophy and can explain it more clearly.

Day 210 - Piran flowers 1

For now, here are some pictures taken at sundown. Incredible doesn’t even begin to describe the light that evening. It was nearly impossible to take a bad picture, but I was still a bit nervous about how the pictures would come out. I was flying without a net: my light meter battery was dead and it was my first time shooting with Portra 160, so I had to rely on whatever skills I’ve gained over the past year or so since the re-igniting of my need to look at the world through a camera’s viewfinder.

Day 210 - Reeds 2

I feel compelled here to note that nothing was done to these pictures other than a bit of straightening of the first shot, and some dust removal. I didn’t do anything to the colors – no saturation or fade correction or sharpening or RGB adjustments. The colors you see in the picture are the colors I saw when I was standing amidst those reeds.

Day 210 - Reeds and PiranAnd when nature is kind enough to give you such beautiful light, just hope you’re lucky enough to have a camera with you!



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