Day 168: Not so still life.

There was a bike race in my town a few weeks ago. It was actually a serious race, too. Apparently, it’s one of 15 qualifier races for a UCI Masters Road World Champion race to be held in Italy this September. (Please don’t ask me any more about this. It was a chore to even figure out that much technical information about road racing.)

Day 168 - Pack of bikersBuzz and I went out to take some pictures. Aside from us and the police officers who were directing traffic through the tricky intersection, there were just three other spectators: some women who worked in the old one-room schoolhouse that now served as a museum space for our town’s tiny Historical Society. The museum is on the corner, so they came outside for a few minutes to watch the race.

Several bikers went the wrong way and a few of them were nearly hit by cars whose drivers were too oblivious to notice both the riders and the police officers. When the police officers were told that the last of the riders had come through that intersection, they quickly left so they could go to the next tricky spot on the race route. That just left us civilians.

Unfortunately, there were still a few stragglers that had been forgotten. The word ‘clusterfuck’ is not quite strong enough to describe the next few minutes. Luckily, the five of us managed to see them through and they were able to continue on their way unscathed.

Day 168 - BikersThe lesson I took out of all of this is: as I would most definitely be one of the stragglers at the end, I should never ever enter a bike race in my town.

I’ll stick to standing on the sidelines with a camera, thankyouverymuch.


2 comments on “Day 168: Not so still life.

  1. margaret21 says:

    Now I’m not that keen on people who link to their own stuff in comments but I make an exception in this case. I’m not sure whether you were following my blog last summer,but the short video I made and uploaded onto Youtube of a local road race seems as if it was a worthy precursor of the one you two saw:

    • limr says:

      I think I did see that video. I probably should have taken my digital with me, but I was too busy figuring out that my Polaroid wasn’t working and then switching to my Pentax! The level of chaos seems just about right. Also add a traffic light, an oddly shaped intersection, and regular Saturday afternoon car traffic…yeesh! Thanks for reminding me about the video.

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