Day 160: When I finally got something right.

If you can believe it (and perhaps you can after reading about my silly foibles in the past few days), I nearly ruined yet another roll of film in Maine last weekend. I loaded 100 film into the Zorki and then promptly forgot this and started exposing for 400 film. Luckily, I realized my error quickly and corrected after about five frames or so. A few of the shots were not so dark that I couldn’t salvage them with a bit of post-processing adjustments.

Day 160 - Playing on the rocksNow that I was exposing properly, I could experiment a little and start pushing my boundaries by trying shots in tricky lighting without a light meter. I started out with easy conditions: bright sun.

Day 160 - Clam shackThen I added the challenge of water reflection.

Day 160 - Nor'easterI started getting bolder with higher contrast shots.

Day 160 - Tree 1Finally, I tried evening low light conditions. This requires keeping the camera dead still. Not having a tripod or cable release with me, I relied on docks, railings, and a steady hand keeping the camera still. This one still had a tiny bit of shake but it was the sharpest of the bunch and I was pleased with the exposure.

Day 160 - Marina at night

And now to confess yet one more foible, I honestly can’t even tell if it was shake or if the focus was slightly off. You see, I had accidentally moved some lever that affects the viewfinder somehow – it’s a setting that allows the user to adjust for eyesight. For a few shots, I was finding it very difficult to focus because the entire viewfinder was blurred. Thankfully Buzz clued me in, I fixed the setting, and then focusing was fine.

Yeesh, it’s a wonder I got any decent pictures from this trip!

Though not all of my experiments on this roll turned out well, at least they were purposeful errors and not the result of absent-mindedness. Thankfully, both types of mistakes are ones I can learn from. Let’s see if I actually do!

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