Day 159: Equal opportunity Caturday.

One of my summer photo projects is to organize old photos – both prints and negatives – and see how much I can manage to scan into the computer. Here are a few more shots from many moons ago in which Portuguese gatos share their Caturday with cães.

The Portuguese sun can sometimes be too much even for a cat.

Day 159 - Cat in the shade

This dog didn’t seem to mind it too much, however.

Day 159 - Dog in the sun

This little guy lived in a house on a corner on my walk to work in Braga. He was still a puppy and would get very very excited every time someone walked past his yard. I finally remembered to bring a camera with me one day.

Day 159 - HuskyIt’s a bit blurry, but trust me – that was as sharp as I was going to get from that dog. He was literally shaking with excitement. It was always a difficult thing to stop petting him through the fence and continue on my way to work. It’s probably a good thing he wasn’t always out there when I passed.


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