Day 156: Motion.

One thing that I will give digital credit for is the ability to waste an obscene number of shots without having to change film and then pay for all that film and developing. This is useful when trying to capture something that is moving at a faster pace than a mere human can click a shutter.

Day 156 - Surf

I could get this shot with film as well. In fact, I did attempt it with the Zorki but I have to wait for development and scanning to see if it came out the way I’d intended. I set the exposure and focus, and then knelt down looking through the viewfinder until some surf finally came into the frame. In the grand scheme of things, it might not have taken very long for that to happen, but you try telling that to my not-18-anymore knees.

With the Canon, however, I again got the camera ready and when it looked like the surf was going to break, I just started the continuous shooting and kept it going until I got something. This technique works even better with birds. For things like wildlife photography, when speed is of the essence, digital is a better tool.

Day 156 - Gulls and boat

A good digital camera in the hands of a truly skilled wildlife photographer makes for some stunning photographs. But for my pictures of gulls on a beach in Maine? No, I can’t take credit for that. It doesn’t take skill to keep my finger on the shutter while I wait for the birds to do something interesting.

Day 156 - Gulls

It’s nice to see the images and remember the vacation, but it’s never the same for me as the anticipation of seeing what I could capture on film. It’s like waiting to open your gifts on Christmas. Certainly there’s an element of luck involved, but a good surf or bird picture will be more satisfying because there’s more of me in the end result.

So here’s hoping I got something good!

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