Day 155: Back-up plan.

Whenever we get a chance, Buzz and I like to hop in the car and spend some time in coastal Maine. I don’t know if it’s my Portuguese blood or my Piscean nature, but being near the ocean is unfailingly restorative. Two days in Maine might not have been quite enough to get me back to full power, but it certainly was a start.

Naturally, we brought cameras. We liked the idea of photographing a traditional New England coastal town with traditional old cameras. Buzz brought along a recently acquired Kodak Retina folding camera. I brought my Polaroid. After testing and experimenting with it around my house, I was excited to bring her out and do some work in a new setting.

Here’s the first picture I took:

BlackIsn’t that lovely? It’s the picture of a camera whose battery wire had broken off the contact about 30 seconds before this shot was snapped.

So the Polaroid was out of commission for the rest of the trip. Fortunately, I’d also brought the Zorki and the Canon digital. The film shots aren’t ready yet, so the next few days will be digital days.

Day 155 - FlowerI tried to stick to using the digital in a way the film cameras wouldn’t work. I don’t have a macro lens for the Zorki or an adapter for the Polaroid (even if she was working), so the Canon came out when I wanted to play with close-ups.

Day 155 - Traps

3 comments on “Day 155: Back-up plan.

  1. phrenzel says:

    super shots

  2. I suddenly have a craving for lobster!

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