Day 151: Looking on the bright side.

In these late days of spring, it is starting to feel more and more like summer, but it’s not yet oppressively hot and humid. Unfortunately, we’re never too far away from it.

I know I get quite grumpy about summer, but I really do try to make the best of it by remembering the things that I enjoy about warmer weather.

For example, outdoor cafés are good.

Day 151 - street cafesI just need to look at that brighter side while sitting on the shady side.

2 comments on “Day 151: Looking on the bright side.

  1. margaret21 says:

    Come here to the south of France. A friend of ours who lives 40 miles away reports SNOW. On the first of June……

    • limr says:

      There were a few places even in the Northeast here that got a little snow. Much higher elevation. Meanwhile, yesterday in Maine, it was brutally hot. We were chatting with a cashier as she was ringing us up, and she told us that she’s from Jamaica and loves the heat but she thought the weather was too hot even for her.

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