Day 146: A rare sunrise.

I’m not a morning person. I make no apologies for it, though I do recognize that there are a few situations for which this can be limiting. It can, for example, make for hellish mornings when I have an early class. I am also never going to be someone who can wake up extra early to get in a morning run. Exercise has to be fit into the afternoon or evening hours, which makes running tricky for me in the summer heat.

It also means that I’m far more likely to photograph the sunset than the sunrise.

Still, I do occasionally manage to crack my eyes open at dawn and stay awake and aware long enough to fire off a few pictures. One morning during my first year in Istanbul, I woke up before my alarm, looked out the window, and saw this:

Day 145 - Akmerkez sunrise

Even I, committed Night Owl, had to get out of bed early for this. It’s not the kind of light you take for granted.

It’s just a good thing for my slow-moving morning brain that the film was already loaded.

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