Day 143: Delivery.

Around here it seems to be more of a luxury for those who can afford nostalgia, but it’s still oddly comforting to know that some people still put out their milk bottles.

Day 142 - Milk bottle

3 comments on “Day 143: Delivery.

  1. margaret21 says:

    All but extinct in the UK, and unknown, I think, in France. I really hope the milkman doesn’t die out…. but he will

    • limr says:

      He was pretty much dead here, too, but as I said – it’s been revived as a sort of a ‘retro’ thing to do for people who have enough money to pay for the luxury of home-delivered milk (there’s other grocery delivery as well, but again…a bit pricey.) It’s not necessarily the most economical way to get milk around here 😉

      • margaret21 says:

        No revival in the UK, as such. It’s just that people who aways had the milk delivered keep the tradition going. Yes, the milk’s more expensive, but that’s because the supermarkets undercut. I love those little electric milk floats we have in the UK.

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