Day 137: Instagram, Shminstagram

I’ve been fairly upfront about my preference for film over digital in the past few months of this year’s Project 365 postings. Knowing that it’s difficult (and expensive) to shoot enough film to ensure good images for daily photo postings, however, I do try to keep my digital camera with me most of the time. This fact allowed me to take Wednesday’s pictures of some geese and their goslings.

I still wanted them on film, though, so I planned ahead and brought the Polaroid with me one day.

Day 136 - Geese negative resized

The thing that amuses me about this shot is what was happening while I took it. The geese were near a parking lot, so I pulled my car in and started setting up the Polaroid. While I was doing this, a group of students came by and started cooing over the goslings. Everyone pulled out a cell phone and started taking pictures. Suddenly, I heard, “You should totally Instagram this!”

I chuckled. There we all were, trying to get essentially the same vintage-look image: theirs with a camera and a software application; mine with a 1965 Polaroid with massive bellows, a loud shutter, and instant film.

Day 136 - Geese cropped

If I were to get the same exact image using Instagram, I suppose one could wonder why I wouldn’t just use that? Why do something the hard way when there’s a much easier way to obtain the same results?

For some things, I would agree. Washing clothes is much easier using a modern washing machine than by trundling off to the river with soap and a washboard. I choose washing machine!

For other pursuits, especially intellectual ones, I prefer the harder way. How do I take pride in computer algorithms? Unless I designed them myself, I can’t. But I can take great satisfaction in work that I did by challenging my knowledge and skill, and then producing it with my own hands and tools.

So y’all can keep your Instagram. I’ve got a Polaroid. And I’m not afraid to use it.

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