Day 136: Muscle dude.

First he was just a guy in an amusing outfit, taking a break from his workout.

Day 135 - Muscle dude

When a friend of his came out of the gym, he started to turn into a stereotype – all macho mannerisms and bluster.

Day 135 - Muscle dude and friend

And then, as his friend moved down the street and said one more goodbye, he became Muscle Dude.

Day 135 - Muscle dude pointing

That last image is blurry because of how quickly I had to shoot in order to catch the picture. I couldn’t even risk bringing the camera all the way up to my eye to check the viewfinder. I had just enough time to point the camera in the general direction and hit the shutter, and as soon as I did, the moment was gone.

Still, I’d rather regret blurriness than missing the moment entirely.


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