Day 134: I second that emulsion.

I’m doing some more work with emulsions. I’ve been ruining my fair share of images as I learn what does not work, but it’s certainly been a fun process. Plus, it’s given me an excuse to go shopping at an art supply store.

Birdhouse emulsion

Time to buy more film…

6 comments on “Day 134: I second that emulsion.

  1. Dawn Willis says:

    Hi Leonore…Judy Marano told me about you…YAY!…another Polaroid Junkie! I LOVE this floating instant image transfer! I am curating a show at The Studio Around the Corner in Brewster Village, for September of alternatives to digital and 35 mm…(haven’t come up with a title yet) and am SO glad that someone other than myself has Polaroids to exhibit. Naturally, people have given me Hipstas and Instas and Snapseeds, and iPhones, but wow your work is amazing! You are SO in the show! Judy also told me you have a Diana and/or Holga camera. I have several works by Bob Lemkowitz, amazing photographer and person, to show, but my vision for this show is to have a gazillion small framed photos rendering the viewers to say…OMG…what do I look at next?! I’m quite certain you must have SX-70s as well…please send more images…five to an email please or my computer gets scared…can’t wait to see more of your work and to meet you. Dawn (Willis)

    • limr says:

      Hi Dawn! Judy was telling me about the show yesterday – very exciting! I’m so pleased that I can be a part of it. I actually don’t have a Holga or Diana, but I do have medium-format cameras, so I can offer some of those pictures as well as the Polaroids. My boyfriend also has a pinhole camera and an old Kodak Brownie box camera. You can see his stuff at I’ll email you so we can talk details 🙂

    • Dawn Willis says:

      Ps Leonore…I’ve been doing Instant Image Transfer for years…don’t despair…out of 10 669 chances you’re lucky to get one that really works…it’s a very tricky process…Dawn

      • limr says:

        Nature of the beast, right? But it’s fun grappling with it for the ones that do turn out well! I was also thrown off at first because I was following instructions for Polaroid film, but then realized that Fujifilm needs a slightly different process. Different chemistry means the emulsions behave very differently. The biggest difference is that I need an adhesive or the image won’t bond to the new surface. Finding the right adhesive has been tricky for sure. But even getting a really good snapshot to work with is kind of hit or miss, so at least I get the mediocre shots to practice with 🙂

  2. Dawn Willis says:

    I was lucky enough to be told well in advance from a friend who’s a pro photographer that Polaroid was discontinuing their 669 film…I have a refrigerator full of Polaroid 669 and SX-70 film…it’s still tricky. Still haven’t tried the B&W film for Polaroid 600 (I think it is) from the Impossible Project…I have the Polaroid 300 which produces really small photos, but is still fun. You have to shoot in the shade though…and SX-70s in the brightest light of all…go figure! Have to sign off for today, but look forward to hearing from you via my email address…again…I’m SO excited!

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