Day 133: Good past its sell-by date.

Very recently, I unexpectedly acquired a new camera and three new lenses. We were all having brunch at my sister’s house, and I was talking about photography with my brother-in-law. He expressed surprise that anyone was still shooting film. Being quite enamored of digital technology himself, he offered me a film camera that he was sure he would no longer use.

Who was I to turn it down? (Don’t say a word…)

As it turns out, it’s essentially the same camera as my Pentax K1000. It’s an older model, probably a Spotmatic since it’s labeled “Honeywell Pentax.” It also has a screw mount for its lenses, while mine has a K-mount, so this is mainly why I decided to keep it. I would need an adapter to use the three screw-mount lenses on my K-mount Pentax body.

When I brought it home, I realized it still had film loaded. It had been there for probably close to 20 years or even more. I had no idea if it was color or black and white. Given that an old roll of Kodachrome was in his camera bag, it was also possible that I would shoot the rest of the film and not even be able to develop it.

I took the camera out for a walk and just started shooting. When the film was done, I carefully rewound and opened the camera back. It was Tri-X, which meant I would be able to develop it.

The pictures he’d been taken were of some cars, possibly for sale. A lot of the pictures that I shot with the long-expired film were not really worth saving, but I did get at least a couple of gems out of it.

Day 132 - Dog
Day 132 - RoosterThough I tend to avoid any significant post processing on my film shots, there are a few other images that have some potential to be interesting after a little treatment with my Corel software. Alas, the fun projects have to take a back seat until final exams are over!

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