Day 129: When things go wrong.

Sometimes things are just beyond a girl’s control. The camera was all set, I had a good handle on my exposure values for the day, the film was loaded properly, and I looked properly hipster-ish with my original Lubitel with its Lomo lens that gave lomography its name.

And then the film betrayed me.

Day 128 - Dam

I don’t even know what happened. Did the film get too hot? Was this roll from a bad batch? Did something go wrong with the developing (which I didn’t do)?

Did I screw up or did the film screw up?

Day 128 - Muscle dude

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


2 comments on “Day 129: When things go wrong.

  1. John Pickles says:

    Not sure what happened but I like the effect – especially the second picture. Sometimes mistakes can make be interesting. As long as it doesn’t happen every time!

    • limr says:

      Thanks! I agree that sometimes an inadvertent flaw can make a picture more interesting. The mottling worked in these shots and gave them a bit of texture. I did some investigating and asked advice on a forum ( and one person suggested that it was a bad batch of film. Someone on the forum had the exact same mottling from a roll of Shanghai GP3. He said, “It turns out that they used some sort of crap ink and paper combo that printed onto the emulsion when the film was rolled up prior to exposure.” I was using Arista EDU 120 (can’t remember if it was 100 or 400), which is essentially Fomapan rebranded as Arista by the distributor, but it’s possible that there was some of the Shanghai mixed in before they went totally with the Fomapan as a supplier.

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