Day 124: I’m a poseur.

This morning, I woke up with two cats on my bed. This is not unusual. There’s always at least one cat sleeping against my knees or on top of a foot. This is usually Mrs. Parker. In the winters, Zelda usually squirms her way up to the crook of my arm or my shoulder and curls up there. In the summers, she is content to stay near the bottom of the bed next to Mrs. Parker.

During the week when I wake up early for work, the girls lounge around, yawn and stretch and settle back into their warm spots on the bed while I’m getting out if it (which is a process, yes. I’m not a morning person.) They don’t get up  until I leave the room, and then they follow me for a few minutes, get bored, and start playing with each other.

On Saturdays, I stay in bed a little later, and they seem to have recognized what this means for them: it’s Caturday. They know they get their favorite wet food on Caturday mornings and they get quite anxious to get eating. The minute I start to wake up and stir, they make it very clear to me that I should Move! Move! Move! Both girls start walking up to my face and trilling, then jumping away. A second later, one of them is sitting on my chest, staring at me. Then she darts off. Two seconds later, the other one is headbutting me and trilling.

I know I’m outnumbered and it’s time to drag my ass out of bed and dish up their Turkey and Giblets or Salmon Feast.

This morning, I decided to get some pictures of their urgency. Mrs.Parker was standing at attention, waiting impatiently.

Day 123 - Retro Mrs ParkerZelda was more insistent.

Day 123 - Retro Zelda

All I had near me to take the pictures was my phone, so I decided to use an application called retroCamera. (No, it’s not Instagram. I may have joined the smart phone cult, but I’m staying away from the Instagrammers.) I’d spent an hour or two last night researching how to get my old Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 100 up and running, so I woke up with that type of snapshot image still on my mind, which is probably why I fired up that particular camera app this morning.

But yes, I still feel like a poseur.

But the pictures of the girls look kinda cool, so I’ll live with it.

I’ll have to do a good job on the Polaroid refurb if I want to regain some of my lost photog street cred.


One comment on “Day 124: I’m a poseur.

  1. […] week on Caturday, I committed a sin: I posted pictures taken with my phone. Even worse than that, I posted pictures taken using a retro-look filter […]

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