Day 122: The real first sign of spring.

Some say the red-breasted robin. Others say it’s the first crocus or tulip or daffodil. It could be the first time you don’t wear your boots to work or the first sneeze of allergy season.

Y’all are wrong. Here’s how I know that my beloved winter is gone:

Day 121 - BuggleCrap.

8 comments on “Day 122: The real first sign of spring.

  1. margaret21 says:

    No. I won’t presss ‘like’. Get out there and enjoy the daffodils!

    • limr says:

      Can’t I enjoy them indoors? In a lovely vase? Perhaps with a nice cuppa? And a stuffed bee instead of a real one?

      • limr says:

        Okay, I’ll make a deal. When the lilacs come out, I’ll put on a bee hat and bug spray and sit outside with some iced tea. But until then, I’ll enjoy the view from the bay windows. Shake on it?

      • margaret21 says:

        Done! No bug spray though. You may not kill bees. There are few enough of them these days, and we need them. Yes we do.

      • limr says:

        I should have used “repellent” – I meant the stuff that I put on myself to keep bugs away.

        Honey bees and bumblebees are fine in my book. I promise I won’t kill them, and I wouldn’t anyway. But all bets are off if I can’t kill wasps/yellow jackets. There is plenty of cross-pollination without them, they don’t eat stink bugs or mosquitoes, they are quite aggressive and their stings are no joke. I have no use for a wasp.

      • margaret21 says:

        Me neither. Let’s finally shake on it 😉

      • limr says:

        Done, and done! 🙂

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