Day 113: Just a little something that caught my eye.

Buzz says I’ve got an eye for the light. I don’t think I notice it as often on a larger scale for things like wide-shot landscape pictures, but I do tend be distracted by little patches or patterns of light that I see off to the side of a scene.

Day 113 - Light on branch

Perhaps that’s why I keep finding myself drawn to black and white. I am not sure I would have taken this shot if I’d had color film loaded in the Olympus that day.

(A quick fyi: This photo got no post processing other than a little cropping. This is how it came out of the camera. Also, I’ve stopped resizing these black and white film shots, so generally, clicking on them will enlarge them significantly and give you a better sense of the shot.)

What things catch your photographers’ eyes? Do you prefer color or black and white?


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