Day 112: The bigger picture.

The testing of the Olympus 35RC continues. My own testing continues as well.

I shot two rolls of color to start getting used to the feel of the camera and the capabilities of the lens. Outdoor pictures were overexposed when I followed the settings suggested by built-in meter, so I knew I had to set the exposure on my own. That was my own test.

The next test rolls are black and white. Maybe it was the greater flexibility of Tri-X film in general. Perhaps the Olympus likes black and white better. It might even be that I’m getting better at the manual exposure. All I know is that I got more good shots from that first black and white roll than I had gotten from the two previous color rolls.

Even the tricky situation of a very bright sunlight reflected off the water next to deep shadows in the woods was handled in a way that pleased me.

Day 111 - Sun on water wide shot

The light was brilliant enough to create that shimmering effect, producing the ghost trees from yesterday’s picture, and yet I was still able to get detail in the shadows on the shore.

Day 111 - Sun and fence

This may be the start of a beautiful friendship.


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