Day 108: At least I like green.

I’ve made no bones about my love of winter, and this tends to make me seem like Grouchy McGrumperson when spring comes around. I really don’t mean to be, and I surely know I am in the minority here, but I can’t help it. Y’all got to grump about winter, so now it’s my turn to say what I don’t like about rising temperatures:

  • People gush about the warm weather and automatically expect me to agree with them, then get offended when I don’t. I hate when people do this about any subject, really, but I’ve come to really despise when people do it about weather.
  • Bugs. I’ve already massacred a dozen or so stink bugs that I found had made a little colony at the hinge of one of my bedroom windows. I hate bugs.
  • The arrival of spring just means that summer is around the corner, and it hangs a minor pall of dread on my enjoyment of spring. I hate summer.
  • The taste level of at least 50% of the student population plummets, and they make bad “fashion” choices. No one needs to wear sequined leggings ever, and they certainly do not belong in algebra class.

Oddly enough, green is my favorite color.

Day 108 - Spring green


3 comments on “Day 108: At least I like green.

  1. phrenzel says:

    Hey here is a bit of info on stinkbugs. Do not squish them, it will only attract more of them. If possible scoop them up and flush them or something like that.

    • limr says:

      Yup, you’re right. I don’t squish them. First, like you said, it attracts more, Second, ew. 🙂 The only saving grace is that they are generally dumb and slow. I read that Dawn dishwashing liquid is good at killing them, so I took an old jar, mixed up a bit of water, Dawn and a splash of bleach, and made a ‘morgue.” Trap them under a glass and just tip them right into the morgue. The ones in the window frame got blasted with an organic bug poison I’d gotten that supposedly also helps keep them away. Then I taped the gap that they’d been coming through.

      Horrible little things, they are.

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