Day 105: Can I fire Monday?


My Mondays are pretty rough this semester. I’d so rather be this guy, sitting by the river, reading, watching the barges go by.

Day 104 - Sitting by the riverMy 12-hour Mondays. Only four more until the end of the semester. I say only but it still feels like an eternity from the wrong side of that four weeks.

Excuse me while I go rock back and forth in the corner.


2 comments on “Day 105: Can I fire Monday?

  1. Lenore Diane says:

    Ha. As if you could rock back and forth in a corner… you have a 12hr day ahead of you. Save the rocking for tomorrow. Hang in there. Keep “tugging” along, even though the pictures shows a barge.

    • limr says:

      I just downloaded an essay from a student who hasn’t done a single stitch of writing for the entire semester. She didn’t even put her name on it. Another two still aren’t double-spacing their essays even though I’ve started taking points off for formatting mistakes. (I normally wouldn’t be this much of a nitpicker but for some classes, it takes something as inane as taking points off for spacing to finally get through their heads that they have to follow certain requirements for tasks they are given. If I were their boss instead of their teacher, I tell them, I would fire them for consistently and blatantly ignoring the requirements of their job.) And a 4th student insists on sending his essay written into the text of the submission box rather than as an attachment as I’ve specifically required for the past 3 months.

      I will definitely be rocking back and forth as soon as I can reasonably do so. Without spilling my martini, of course 😉

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