Day 104: No luck.

Last night there was allegedly some chance that we could see the Northern Lights in our area. Unfortunately, whatever chance we had was mostly blocked by the presence of clouds. We went to the river just in case, but we didn’t see any lights.

Day 104 - River

So we turned our attention elsewhere.

Day 104 - To Upper Village


3 comments on “Day 104: No luck.

  1. phrenzel says:

    I was going to say that looks like the Hudson then saw your tag. 🙂

    • limr says:

      That’s from Cold Spring. You should hop off the Hudson Line train there some time, if you haven’t already. Good shooting 🙂 The area around the Peekskill station has also gotten interesting.

      • phrenzel says:

        I’ve done Cold Spring a few times. But have not been there in a year or so. I was checking out Peekskill too, looks promising., Thanks

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