Day 99: Water, water everywhere.

After biking on Sunday, we hiked about a mile to a waterfall for some pictures. Buzz is testing out his pinhole camera he fashioned out of an old Brownie.

Day 98 - Pinhole

There was a lot of water.

Day 98 - Waterfall

Day 98 - In front of the waterfall

And it was going fast.

Day 98 - Waterfall blur

It was too chilly to dip our feet in, but for some, it was just too tempting.

Day 98 - Dog

I’m convinced that very few things in life are as infectious as the unadulterated joy of a dog chasing a stick into a river.


2 comments on “Day 99: Water, water everywhere.

  1. margaret21 says:

    I know it’s your blog, your photos (great shots today, by the way!), but please show us some of the pinhole camera shots.

    • limr says:

      Absolutely! The roll is finished and when it’s developed and scanned, I’ll make sure the good shots are shared 🙂

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