Day 89: Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…

Y’know, I try really hard to make sure there are plenty of good pictures of the girls or other cats for Caturday. I take tons of shots, try different settings and approaches, and I wait patiently, camera ready, for them to just look at the camera instead turning their heads completely the other way. I just wish the girls would put in a bit more effort.

Sometimes, I am lucky enough to have the camera when a good yawn is in the works and I start shooting. It’s then that I realize I hadn’t turned on the continuous shooting setting. Of course, turning on this setting will guarantee that Zelda will not yawn again anytime soon.

Day 88 - Blurry Zelda

Other times, the camera is all ready and the cat is standing dead still like a statue, almost like she’s posing. That is, she is dead still until 0.045 seconds before the shutter releases. That’s when Mrs.Parker decides it’s time to sniff the camera.

Day 88 - Blurry Mrs.Parker

When I’m trying to get both in one shot, it’s even harder. Sometimes one is looking but the other isn’t.

Day 88 - Zelda in drawer

Other times, one is ready and the other  photo bombs.

Day 88 - Mrs. Parker on shower

Every once in a while, they cooperate and I get it right.

Day 88 - Brats

Caturday sure is a lot of work for the humans.



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